instantly compares facial images from various sources to large image databases

FaceVACS-DBScan ID supports biometric verification and identification of persons.

ID issuance agencies can compare new ID photos to existing images and prevent ID fraud or detect clerical errors. In addition, agencies can perform database de-duplication (1:n or n:n) to compare, clean and maintain ID databases with facial images.

The Examiner toolset enhances image quality to improve match results, and includes inspection tools to compare images side by side and measure facial features. Other features include:

  • cluster configurations for multi-million person database processing
  • biometric data protection with cryptographic signing and template encryption
  • batch enrollments and identifications
  • REST API for easy integration into existing systems
  • prebinning by bin sets
  • high-availability option
Technology made in Germany
Version 5.7 highlights
  • new face finder CARA4
  • upgraded algorithms for gender estimation and ethnicity classification
  • new REST API includes system health check, YAML interface specification, POSTMAN collection, several documentation updates, some code examples, ability to process images with multiple faces
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Probe and reference images for indentification process