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New product for quick capture of ISO-compliant facial images

FaceVACS-Entry CS extends Cognitec's product suite for border crossing applications

March 2021

In response to the growing demand for biometrics enrollment during border crossing processes, Cognitec has extended its Entry product line to offer an all-inclusive device for capturing standards-compliant biometric photos. Instant camera positioning, active lighting, and interactive user guidance lead to optimal, user-friendly capture conditions.

The system finds the face of the person, adjusts the position of the camera to body height, and takes best-quality pictures. Animated user guidance instructs the user to take the correct position in front of the camera. The technology supports automatic or operator-triggered image acquisition, and can be easily integrated into any border control IT system. Light-weight, slim design and flexible mounting methods allow for varied installation options on booths, counters, walls, or in free-standing pillars.

Managing Director Alfredo Herrera noted, “In the past 20 years, Cognitec has contributed many pioneering products to automate airport and border control processes. This new product complements our Entry product for eGates, with both devices serving entry/exit systems at borders around the world.”

The product includes Cognitec’s renowned software for ISO compliance checks. First released in 2006, the technology has been used by government agencies and commercial customers worldwide to take biometric photos.

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