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Technology update brings higher accuracy to Nero’s face finding feature

A new version of Cognitec’s technology lends a significant performance boost to the face recognition feature in the Nero MediaHome platform. The function allows users to find the same faces in digital images, and sort their photo collection by person.

Sorting large quantities of images by person enables users to quickly produce slide shows for particular subjects. Finding faces and eyes also supports various image enhancement features, such as red-eye reduction and facial correction.

The Nero MediaHome platform currently enables 130,000 customers per month to access, sort, enhance and share their digital content across PCs, smart phones, tablets and online social networks, and has featured automated face recognition since 2011.

„Our customers really enjoy this feature to easily sort their photo libraries,” says Oliver Schneider, VP Suite Business. “The new version finds 6% more faces, and the suggestions for the same person have increased by 79%, with overall higher accuracy. Cognitec’s commitment to providing market-leading technology helps us offer premium product features to Nero users.”

The new version of Nero MediaHome, including Cognitec’s FaceVACS Engine 9.4, will be available in September 2019.

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