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Cognitec celebrates 20 years as influential face recognition company

July 2022

Business success based on leading-edge research efforts and strong client relations

Cognitec is proudly looking back at 20 successful years developing high-ranking face recognition technologies, and working with partners around the world on major government and commercial projects.

Experienced software, algorithm and product development teams continue to bring high-performing algorithms and innovative products to the face recognition market. Since the founding days in 2002, the company has constantly extended its portfolio to offer products for facial image database search, real-time video screening, recorded video investigation, people analytics, border control, and facial image quality assessment.

Amid pandemic struggles in 2020, the company released an advanced face-finding algorithm, and upgraded its matching software to reach highly accurate results for images of people wearing facial masks.

Last year, the company introduced a groundbreaking hardware device to automatically capture biometric facial images for entry/exit systems at borders, and later won the contract to install the technology at all German airports. Upcoming versions of the well-received product will include presentation attack detection and facial matching capabilities.

Becoming part of the SALTO Group in 2022 has provided Cognitec with new growth opportunities to extend its capabilities, market reach and business connections, and to better serve all existing and future customers. The Group companies are now working on access control solutions with face recognition components.

“Amongst the significant recent changes, globally and for Cognitec, we continue to focus on developing leading technology that carries out complex face recognition processes with high accuracy. We also remain a strong advocate for the responsible use of biometric technologies, so they benefit a safer society while offering a trust-based user experience,” says Cognitec CEO Alfredo Herrera. “The company is still growing and evolving in response to quickly changing face recognition applications and regulations.”

Cognitec is currently hiring at all three locations to meet the increasing demands for face recognition technologies in both government and private sectors.


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