FaceVACS-Entry CS

quickly captures ISO-compliant facial images during border crossing and various ID issuance processes

Introducing FaceVACS-Entry CS, a high-end facial image capturing solution for the acquisition of ISO-compliant portraits!

The system detects the person’s face, adjusts the position of the camera according to the person’s height and captures best-quality images. In addition, animated user guidance directs the user to quickly assume the correct position in front of the camera. Instant camera and person positioning, along with active lighting, lead to optimal capturing conditions and fast processing times.

The system serves all applications that require the acquisition of standards-compliant ID photos, including border crossing procedures, passport, national ID and driver's license issuance, and corporate ID processes.

  • uses market-leading technology to check "Full Frontal" requirements of the ISO 19794-5 standard
  • automatic or operator-triggered image acquisition
  • slim, lightweight design and flexible mounting options allow for various application scenarios and locations
  • standard panel model measures 14 x 106 x 6 cm (w/h/d), and weighs 7 kg (other dimensions upon request)
Technology made in Germany
Version 1.0 (TBA)

Stay tuned for the product release announcement.

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