Biometric Performance

The work of Cognitec's research and development team focuses solely on improving speed and accuracy of the FaceVACS engine, resulting in the release of more advanced algorithms each year.

The last independent testing of leading face recognition engines was conducted in 2013, with results published by NIST in 2014. Test results on the performance of automated age estimation algorithm show Cognitec’s algorithm performing with the highest accuracy for all age groups.

Cognitec released the B10 matching algorithm in November 2015. This latest algorithm release shows significant performance improvements compared to the algorithm evaluated during 2013 NIST tests.

Algorithm performance

Algorithm performance

Read about the biometric performance of our current A16 matching algorithm.

Algorithm performance

Algorithm improvement

Read about the biometric performance of our current B10 matching algorithm.

Independent tests

Independent Vendor Tests

Vendor tests have confirmed the outstanding performance of Cognitec's technology.