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Cognitec’s face recognition SDK now available for Android

July 16, 2013

In response to the growing demand for mobile face recognition technology, Cognitec now offers customers the world-leading FaceVACS recognition engine for Android-based application development. 

Cognitec’s software development kit FaceVACS-SDK provides all the development tools for the most common face recognition functions: enrollment, verification and identification. Additional functionality is provided for finding human faces and eyes in images, for tracking faces in video streams, and for analyzing and checking face characteristics for biometric photo acquisition. 

In the last few years, security and consumer markets have started to explore the use of portable face recognition applications. Police, intelligence and military forces use mobile devices to identify suspects on the street. The handheld device captures the suspect photo and compares it to image databases on the device or on central systems connected through mobile networks.

Face recognition applications can support secure login and authentication procedures, for the device itself or via apps on the phone or tablet. For example, face recognition can be one biometric modality that provides authentication for mobile payments.

Many face recognition applications may soon move from the computer to a mobile device. An app could be used to take biometric photos required for ePassports and other ID documents, to index photo galleries saved on mobile devices or in the cloud, or to communicate with an access control system.

The development of more sophisticated apps for more powerful mobile devices will certainly cause the extension of use cases for face recognition technology, offering users more effectiveness, security and convenience.

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