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Major performance boost for Cognitec’s face recognition algorithm and products

February 10, 2015

Cognitec has released the superior face recognition algorithm B9 and incorporated it in the market-leading face recognition product, FaceVACS-DBScan.

Research and development for the B9 matching algorithm focused on significant performance improvement for images with low resolution or taken in less controlled environments, often found in police databases. The matching accuracy also increased for images with non-frontal poses, with faces turned upward, downward or to the side.

FaceVACS-DBScan enables users to compare still images from various sources to those stored in multi-million image databases and instantly view match lists. The application has proven an invaluable tool for ID management, allowing passport, visa and national ID agencies to compare new facial images to existing databases, find duplicates and errors, and avert identity fraud. 

For law enforcement applications, Cognitec recently introduced a mobile version of the Examiner tool within FaceVACS-DBScan. Police officers and other agents can take photos in the field, compare them to central mug shot repositories or other databases, and instantly receive candidate lists on their mobile devices.

Please contact the Cognitec sales team to request software upgrades or an evaluation license for the newly released technologies.

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