FaceVACS-VideoScan Enterprise Solution

FaceVACS-VideoScan Enterprise Solution provides a subscription-based, managed system, installed and administered by Cognitec or a Cognitec partner at the customer’s premises.

Cognitec has selected optimal computing and camera equipment to guarantee specific performance criteria.

The implementation of a complete and managed system allows for:

  • maximum biometric performance
  • faster, easier installation and configuration
  • efficient system upgrades
  • guaranteed availability
  • reduced support, maintenance and training efforts


FaceVACS-VideoScan Enterprise Solution consists of:

Hardware: computing servers, storage server, cameras | network and client devices provided by customer
Software: FaceVACS-VideoScan, Event Notifier, virtualization, diagnostics
Services: installation, integration, support, maintenance

Acceptance test and service level targets

Cognitec conducts a system test according to acceptance criteria and testing procedures defined in the system description. After test acceptance, Cognitec will provide the performance/service level targets as described in the service level agreement.

System parameters

  • maximum number of gallery/watch list images: 20,000
  • maximim number of visitors per day: 30,000
  • up to 30 days of storage and processing duration
  • detection and identification response time: under 8 seconds