FaceVACS-DBScan LE combines Cognitec’s renowned image database search technology with powerful video inspection tools for a multitude of investigation use cases.

The market-leading technology helps law enforcement staff to increase the speed and accuracy of criminal investigations, allowing them to act upon match results in the critical time period after a crime has been committed.

After importing video material, agents can find known or unknown persons in multiple videos to quickly narrow down suspect investigations. The technology then compares the facial images from video material or from any other source to smaller local or multi-million central image databases, and instantly displays a candidate list of possible matches.

The Investigation toolset includes various filters to enhance image quality and improve match results. It also provides a set of inspection tools to compare images side by side and measure facial features. Operators can develop watch lists of potential matches while recording a full audit trail for each step in the process.


  • supports investigation of faces in video footage, still images and sketches
  • provides instant match results for comparisons with local and central image databases
  • allows for match list sorting, rearranging, browsing, filtering and more
  • enrolls images from video material
  • enables flexible management of additional case-related data
  • installs as a ready-to-use application and integrates into existing systems

Use cases

Video investigation

  • view all appearances of a person in multiple videos
  • search appearances and view persons in video footage to find a) unknown persons, b) frequently seen persons or groups, c) person appearing together, and d) persons seen together frequently
  • find persons enrolled in image galleries/watchlists

Image search

  • select images from file or from imported video material
  • create investigation cases
  • quickly search local or central image databases
  • view candidate lists

Image search at the crime scene

  • take photos with mobile devices
  • search central databases
  • view match candidates and related case information

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Biometric performance

Biometric Performance

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